Jean's Urban Farm

Jean's Farm has been owned by the Johnson family for over a century. Steve Johnson, the current landowner, has invited educational groups to benefit from this gem of a site for over 10 years. One acre (of the multi-acre forested site) is dedicated to organic CSA farming (currently Rising Stone Farm). Most recently, the Learning Gardens Institute (Mother Earth School's current fiscal sponsor) holds a lease on the land and Mother Earth School shares the land with programs coordinated by LGI. Unlike TLC Farm, Jeans Farm is not open to the public.

All visits are by arrangement only and the landowner takes notice. Schedule a visit through our online form.

Directions to Jean's Urban Farm

TLC Farm


Tryon Life Community Farm (TLC Farm) is a not-for-profit education center demonstrating techniques for urban sustainability. It is owned by a land trust and is a forum for the surrounding community to share skills, ideas and inspirations toward creating a stable counter-culture in which caring for the Earth and for each other is priority. Mother Earth School has always been run autonomously by the teachers, but once shared the non-profit status of TLC Farm.

TLC Farm has working groups that meet bi-weekly or monthly. Every 4th Wednesday at 7pm, TLC Farm volunteers gather in the upstairs barn office for a Council meeting. All decisions involving the land and the non-profit are made by consensus. All TLC Farm meetings are open to the public. For more detailed information, please visit the TLC Farm website at

TLC Farm is closed on Mondays as a courtesy to those who live in the intentional community that is on the land. Visitors are welcome on weekends for self-guided tours from 11am to 4pm. There are often land and garden work parties happening on weekends. All work for the non-profit is done on a volunteer basis and everyone is welcome and encouraged to be a part of the TLC Farm community.

Directions to Tryon Life Community Farm