Mother Earth School enlivens education through deep nature connection with children, families and educators to inspire social and ecological renewal.


The goal of this vision is to create an educational experience for early childhood and grade school children in which all subjects are steeped in the natural world. Once our school sites are firmly established, our goal is to be entirely off-the-grid and self-sustaining with a curriculum focused around creating everything needed for school. When integrating place-based survival skills with the principles of permaculture and the philosophy of Waldorf education in an outdoor immersion environment, learning becomes deeply meaningful and entirely relevant.

There is a service element at the heart of this program. We strive to 'give back to the land that gives to us.'  The children will be deepening their connection with their local watersheds and participating in native habitat restoration. With community at our core, the school not only includes the children and teachers, but families, friends, neighbors, and a wisdom council of mentors in influential fields. Sharing ideas and skills as well as celebrating the seasons through Earth-honoring festivals are experiences that connect a diversity of people who honor and care for the Earth.

At Mother Earth School, we recognize that there are many movements that are currently working toward creating a brighter future. We also believe that large-scale change will not happen while each impulse is carried out separately. Our strategy is to integrate the wisdom that is at the heart of the Waldorf education movement while simultaneously advocating for the ways of the land-based cultures that have been displaced by modernization. 

We are taking accountability for the internalized privileges that we carry so that we can become effective allies through inclusive community building and curriculum design. We strive to understand the regenerative designs implemented by nature and to apply them to our program design, curriculum and social systems using permaculture techniques. We are building community, modeling acceptance, celebrating diversity, encouraging awareness, instilling the value of hard work and acting from a place of joy. This new educational paradigm creates the sense of purpose that is needed at this very time in human history.

In order to realize this vision in its entirety, we are in need of more land. We are currently almost at capacity at the two urban farm sites that host our programs. To make a contribution toward a piece of land that will allow us to grow to our fullest capacity, please consider making a tax-deductible donation through our website.

I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out… for going out, I found, was really going in.
— John Muir

What We Strive to Achieve

  • We view education as a healing art.
  • We offer nature immersion education for children in a forest and farm environment throughout the year.
  • We strive for humility in leadership and integrity in our communication with reverence for each individual.
  • Our teachers pursue training in Waldorf Education, Diversity Awareness, Permaculture Design and Traditional Living Skills.
  • Our work is rooted in gratitude and honors the wisdom inherent in nature.
  • We base our curriculum on practical life work and the rhythms of the seasons