Is Mother earth school right for your family?

The children pee outside or use composting toilets and must be potty trained. They interact with farm animals and may get MUDDY (read our Recommended Gear List for products that hold up to year-round outdoor immersion here in Cascadia).

Unique physical challenges exist in the forest/farm setting as well. Children who are generally healthy benefit greatly from these challenges. The maximum teacher:child ratio is 1:5 in the Faery Garden, 1:8 in the kindergarten and 1:12 in the grade school. Though our teachers are quite vigilant, children must be able to respond to verbal requests and should not be prone to wandering off.  Please read our Safety Document to better understand the nature of our program and the policies we have in place that support the safety of the children.

Parents are asked to commit to the school in a variety of ways. Before applying, we ask that parents carefully read our parent handbook to find out more about our policies and expectations. Please note that we reserve the right to cancel school in extreme weather conditions.