Scholarship Info

We ask that families consider the important effect that money has on influencing today's societal trends. Your tuition contribution is a statement of your belief in reclaiming meaningful education for children. All movements need to be funded, and your tuition not only supports the broader movement as a whole, but also gifts your child(ren) the invaluable experience of a deeply nourishing education. Your family becomes a leader in fueling the momentum of a cultural shift. Please make sure that your financial contribution reflects your level of commitment to systemic change in the educational paradigm. You are modeling empowered citizenship for your child(ren) by directing resources toward the elements of our culture that are in the best interest of the future.

We are making every effort to keep tuition costs reasonable while maintaining the health of our school. Currently our tuition is set as low as possible while still being able to effectively run our programs. If you feel strongly that Mother Earth School is right for your child but are unable to contribute the full tuition amount, we ask that you first explore creative ways of sourcing the money. This willingness to extend yourself financially can result in a deeper commitment to the work being done at Mother Earth School and enhances the circle of giving and receiving.

We have a limited amount of financial assistance that we can offer and want to reserve that for families with genuine need. We are wholeheartedly committed to provide support for families that do not have access to resources.  Please reflect upon whether claiming a low-income status is a choice or has been imposed upon you by societal inequities. Please do not apply for financial assistance (even if you qualify) if you can ask for support from family or other sources. If you have expensive assets, and/or participate in expensive recreational activities, travel etc. and are hoping to save some money on your child's education please do not apply.

Our teachers and faculty are in service to the principle of "fair share" as our tuition assistance budget would otherwise be money that could increase their salaries and add benefits. Please consider all of this carefully before filling out a tuition assistance application. Need-based assistance outside of the parameters named in the tuition assistance application may be considered on a case-by-case basis for families that have been enroll  ed in Mother Earth School for 3 or more years. Thank you for your deep consideration in this process.

Scholarship Guidelines

Financial Assistance Guidelines:

  • Every family MUST pay the $500 (per child) non-refundable deposit regardless of whether you are requesting financial assistance. This is a symbol of your commitment to our school. Deposit will be pro-rated for mid-year enrollment.
  • We cannot guarantee scholarship money. After filling out a scholarship application, you will be notified of any amount awarded within 2 weeks. We cannot hold spaces in the class during the scholarship application process unless your child is currently enrolled in the school.
  • We cannot guarantee that your scholarship amount will remain the same from one year to the next. Current school families can only receive a tuition assistance award for the following year when their account is in good standing.
  • With few exceptions, all families are asked to financially contribute at least half of their tuition.

Tuition Assistance Application

Application for Enrollment